Sunday, May 22, 2016

MyHeritage is accepting DNA data uploads from FTDNA, 23andMe, and AncestryDNA for DNA matching

The MyHeritage blog has posted details of the new feature:

Judy Russel has posted about the consents asked for by MyHeritage. If you are considering uploading your DNA data, you should read her blog at The Legal Genealogist.

One requested consent is required to allow the use of your DNA in matching. The other covers use of your DNA and non-identifying personal information in current or future "research". That consent is not required to use the DNA matching. Judy has done a fine job describing the issues around this consent and I urge you to read it carefully.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New DNA Service - Diploid: Diagnosing rare diseases


From their homepage:

Diploid Diagnosed

The ultimate genome interpretation service

Diagnosed is a rare disease diagnostics service unlike any other. Combining our critically acclaimed SNP interpretation platform, with our new CNV analysis pipeline, we are confident that we can provide a genetic diagnosis for rare diseases in the areas of intellectual disability, dysmorphisms, metabolic conditions, blindness and deafness. You don’t have to take our word for it: if our WGS analysis does not return a plausible candidate variant, the analysis will be completely free*.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Less than 4% of sequenced human genome sequences are non-European

Article: New era of genetic research must include more indigenous people, says Keolu Fox Geneticist says trust, technology key to increasing ethnic diversity in human genome project.

Keolu Fox is on a mission to increase ethnic diversity in human genome sequencing.

Fox, an indigenous Hawaiian geneticist, was studying at the University of Washington when he discovered that less than four per cent of human genome sequencing is non-European, with less than one per cent being from indigenous people. 
Human genome sequencing could play a key part in determining how genetics play a role in chronic diseases that disproportionately impact indigenous people, such as diabetes, Fox said.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Maine Irish DNA Database

Thanks to DNA ancestry project, Mainers with Irish ties are smiling

A giant archive overseen by a Portland group twins traditional and genetic genealogy to help trace family trees and connect relatives.

Continued here:

Sunday, December 06, 2015

23andMe now legal in New York and Maryland

From Reuters:

23andMe Genetic Service Now Fully Accessible to Customers in New York and Maryland

PR Newswire

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 4, 2015

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- 23andMe, Inc., the leading personal genetics company, today announced that its service is now completely available to people both in New York and Maryland.

Previously, customers in New York could not ship saliva samples from the state, while state law in Maryland prohibited direct-to-consumer genetic testing all together.

Monday, November 09, 2015

23andME is changing on the 11th! Do these things to prepare

23andME is changing the way it works on the 11th.

Go to 23andME and login:

If you are set as Anonymous and want to have access to genealogy info, click on you Name ->Edit Profile and set it to a real name and set "Who can see this"to "All 23andme members".

Under "Account Settings", be sure Sharing Options and DNA Relatives are unchecked. Uncheck Health Options if you want to see your medical information.

DNA Relatives:

1) open your PC's browser
2) go to www.23andMe.come and log in
3) navigate through the menus: "Family and Friends" -> DNA Relatives"
4) Click on "Download" under your name
5) A CSV file (for use in a spreadsheet program) of all your matches will download to your computer.
6) Save that file.

1.      Set the matches to 100 per page
2.      Go to "Save Page As . . ."
3.      Save the page in a pre-arranged folder as “Web Page, complete” (for Mac) (or comparable under Windows) with a distinctive filename that works for you, e.g.:    23andMe DNAR MFK (profile’s initials) Page 1.html
4.      Repeat the above as you page forward through your Relative matches.
5. Save each file.

Reinvite close relatives who have not responded to invites

1) open your PC's browser
2) go to and log in
3) navigate through the menus: "Family and Friends" -> DNA Relatives"
4) Set to 100 per page
5) select "Sort:relationships" and click on "contact status"
6) page through until you get to "Invitation Sent". If the date is over 30 days ago, click on "Cancel"
and resend.


Sort DNAR by relationship and go through the first 100 entries and reinvite all who have not responded or accepted the invite but are not sharing and do not have a name.

Sort DNAR by Percent Shared and do the same.

Countries of Ancestry:

1) open your PC's browser
2) go to www.23andMe.come and log in
3) navigate through the menus: "my results -> ancestry overview -> ancestry
tools -> countries of ancestry"
4) select one of your genomes from the "show results for" drop-down menu
5) wait a minute for it to load; ignore the table and graph, and click on
the blue download button underneath the graph
6) repeat steps 4 and 5 for each of "your" known cousin matches.

I would do it for anyone who you known is related to you and for your first 100 matches in DNA Relatives.

Family Inheritance:Advanced:

1) open your PC's browser
2) go to www.23andMe.come and log in
3) navigate through the menus: "my results -> ancestry overview -> ancestry
tools -> Family Inheritance:Advanced"
4) select one of your genomes from the drop-down menu
5) wait a minute for it to load; ignore the table, and click on
the blue words "Download "your name" shared segments"
6) You will get an email from 23andme telling you the file is ready. Click the link in that email.
7) Login to 23andme and the file will download to your browser. Save the file.

Good Luck!

Monday, October 05, 2015

My 64 GGGG Grand Parents

This post will be at this blog and at my genealogy blog.

I have been doing autosomal DNA testing of my 22 non-sex chromosomes and my 2 sex-based chromosomes at Family Tree DNA, the Family Finder test; at 23andme, the Relative Finder test, and at AncestryDNA. These tests can help you find relatives related to you from the first degree, parents, siblings, grandparents, through 5 or 6th cousins.

In order to do that more easily it is a good idea to have an extensive pedigree of your direct ancestors and of their descendants. People who share a GGGGG Grandparent with you are 5th cousins. So in order to alert my 5th cousins to our possible DNA match, here is a list of my known GGGGG Grandparents:
  • FNU=first name unknown
  • LNU=last name unknown
  • ?=uncertain of that element
  1. Timothy Perkins, b New Haven, CT died during the Revolutionary War in VA or NC or SC. He and his brother Joseph were Loyalists (Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War by Murtie June Clark).
  2. Miriam Sperry, b 1743 in Wallingford, New Haven Co, Connecticut, died after 1780 in North Carolina.
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. William Shepard, b ???, d before 1790 in Virginia or North Carolina.
  6. Elizabeth, LNU,
  7. James Smith, 1752, VA, d 1833, Holston, Scott Co., VA.
  8. Nancy Mulkey, d after 1795, VA or Sauta Cave, Alabama?
  9. Robert Creekmore, b 1760, Norfolk, VA, d 1824, Whitley Co., KY (Will Bk 1, p 10).
  10. Elizabeth Batchelor, b 1761, VA, d Nov 1829, Whitley Co., KY (Will Bk 1, pp 29-30 Probate Sale).
  11. Henry Porch, b 1758, Abingdon, Gloucester Co., VA, d 1849, Whitley Co., KY (Served in Revolutionary War, 1778-79 Capt. Wm Allen Green; 1781 Capt Sharp's Co., NC Service. Pension, W9234, BLWt 57777-160-55).
  12. Rebecca P. Denton or Benton, before 1755, NC, d 1866, Pulaski Co., KY.
  13. James Campbell, b 1763, NC, d 1829-1831, Whitley Co., KY (Will Bk 1, pp 37-38).
  14. Anna Osburn, b 1764, PA, d 1852, Whitley Co., KY.
  15. Unknown.
  16. Unknown.
  17. Renelder Walker, b about 1748, probably Frederick Co.,MD, d after 1826 in Knox or Whitley Co., KY or MO (Renalder was named nearest of kin in his [father's estate] inventory, 16 June 1766, Frederick County, Md. Prerogative Court, MD, (Inventories) 90, pp. 148-150). Marriage bond 27 Nov 1778, Wilkes Co., NC.
  18. Mary Wilcoxon, b 1760 Rowan Co., NC, d 1830, Lafayette Co., MO. (Niece of Daniel Boone. Daughter of his elder sister, Sarah.).
  19. William Bishop, b 1755-1760, PA, d 1834 Whitley Co., KY (Will Bk 1, p 54, Inventory)Served in Rev War, Capt John Rice's Co., Col Adam Stephens' Rgmt, Gen Daniel Morgan's Brigade. Was at Battles of the Brandywine and Germantown. Discharged at White Marsh, Pension Application, Whitley Co., KY Circuit Court Order Book A-B-C, p. 54, 18 July 1820.
  20. Jane Tuggle, b d 1840?, Whitley Co., KY (Buried Wolf Creek Baptist Church Cemetery)
  21. Samuel Wiatt, b about 1745 VA, d 1835 Knox Co., KY (Rev. War veteran, N.C. Militia Species pay Certificate No. 603, dated 12 Jun. 1783). (Will Knox Co., KY 1835).
  22. Rebecca Bennett, b 1763 Greenbrier Co., VA, d 1837 Knox Co., KY.
  23. Rev James Sullivan, b before 1765 Northumberland Co., VA d 1817-18, Williamsburg, Knox Co., KY (Whitley Co., KY, Will Bk 1, p25, made 9 Feb 1817 or 18? Nuncupative will on deathbed recorded July 20,1818, Book 1 Page 25). Served in 1st VA State Rgmt., Rev War. In Yellow Springs Hospital at Valley Forge, 4 Apr 1778. Methodist Minister. Ordained by Bishop Asberry in Knoxville, TN in 1793. School teacher at Carrol School on Cumberland River and Clear Fork Creek.
  24. Eleanor Wilson, b 1769, d 1834, Williamsburg, Knox Co., KY.
  25. William Manning, b 1775 VA d 1867 Whitley Co., KY. He was a blacksmith.
  26. Nancy Whitecotton, b 1780-1785 VA, d 1852 Whitley Co., KY. (2nd wife).
  27. Jacob Anderson, b about 1779 VA, d 1850-1860, Whitely Co., KY.
  28. Nancy Anne Richardson, b about 1771, d between 1820-25, Whitley Co., KY.
  29. Rev John Moses, b about 1772, NC d after 1860, McNairy Co., TN (Old Style Baptist Minister).
  30. Mary "Polly" Richmond.
  31. John Richardson, b 1765 VA? d 1840, Whitley Co., KY.
  32. Elizabeth Davis. b 1778 d after 1860, Whitley Co., KY.
  33. George Ball, b 1751-52, Fairfax Co., VA d 1825, Russell Co., VA
  34. Elizabeth Tunnell, b 1756, Stafford Co., VA, d Russell Co., VA?
  35. James Harvey May,b 1739, England d between 1830 and 1840 Pike Co., KY. Transported as a prisoner from Middlesex Gaol, 1774 on the Ship Justitia, to Baltimore, MD. Alias of Emmanuel Mills. He may have been a Loyalist in Rev War. (Buried in John Runyan Cemetery, Pike Co., KY).
  36. Elizabeth "Betsy" King, d before 1840 Pike Co., KY. (Buried in John Runyan Cemetery, Pike Co., KY).
  37. Joshua Phipps, b about 1765, VA d after 1850, Cheriton, Randolph Co., MO?
  38. Elizabeth Rice, b 1790 VA, D 1830 Green Co., KY.
  39. John Davenport, b 1770 VA d unknown. 1830 dismissal from Concord Baptist Church, Wayne Co., KY. May have gone to Indiana. Married in 1796 in Patrick Co., VA. Maybe a son of Elisha Davenport, aged 80-90 in 1830 Wayne Co., KY Census.
  40. Nancy Burnett, b 1772 VA, d unknown. 1830 dismissal from Concord Baptist Church, Wayne Co., KY.
  41. Daniel Strunk, abt 1775, PA, MD, VA? d 1852 Whitley Co., KY. Constable of Ashe Co., NC 1806 and 1814. Moved to Whitley Co., KY by 1820 Census. At least four wives and 30+ children.
  42. Margaret "Peggy" Williams?, abt 1780, NC d aft 1860 Census Cumberland Co., KY. Granted divorce from Daniel 1821 in Whitley Co., KY. Named as Margareta in Divorce Decree.
  43. FNU Pennington, unknown father of Abigail Pennington, 2nd wife of Abraham Strunk. See Abraham Strunk Divorce.
  44. Unknown mother of Abigail Pennington, 2nd wife of Abraham Strunk. See above.
  45. FNU Davis, unknown father of John Davis
  46. Unknown, unknown mother of John Davis
  47. Ballentine Creekmore, b 1750-60 d between 1830 and 1840 Whitley Co., KY. In Nash Co., NC in 1790 and 1800 Censuses, in Knox Co., KY in 1810 Census and in Whitley Co., KY in 1820 and 1830 Censuses. Age recorded as between 60 and 69 in 1830.
  48. Barsheba Batchelor, b 1766 Norfolk, Norfolk, VA or Nash Co., NC, d bef 1840 Whitley Co., KY.
  49. FNU Swain, unknown father of John DeSwain or John D. Swain from VA to Whitley Co., KY. 
  50. Unknown
  51. Unknown
  52. Unknown
  53. George Ball, See above #64.
  54. Elizabeth Tunnel/l, See above #65.
  55. James Harvey May, See above #66.
  56. Elizabeth "Betsy" King, See above #67.
  57. William Kidd, b aft 1737, VA? d between 1801 and 1821, Tazewell Co., VA or Wayne Co., KY (date of brother Samuel Kidd's estate in Fluvanna Co., VA) William was sometime of Albemarle Co., VA. Named in his father Aaron Kidd's will in Albemarle Co., VA in 1775.
  58. Unknown
  59. FNU Bagley or Begley, possibly of Tazewell Co., VA.
  60. Unknown
  61. Thomas Stephens, b abt 1750 (VA or NC) d abt 1836, Fentress Co., TN. Rev War.
  62. Sarah Miller, b 12 March 1747 or 57 (possibly in England) d bef 1836, Fentress Co., TN.
  63. FNU Hays or Hayes
  64. Unknown

Number of 23andme matches of my 29 known GGG Grandparent surnames

I currently have 3108 matches at 23andme. I decided to look at the known surnames of my 32 GGGGrandparents, pedigree numbers 32-63, to see how many matches I have for each surname:

pedigree # Surname number of matches 
32 Perkins 30
33 Unknown 
34 Shepard 145
35 Smith 164
36 Creekmore 13
37 Porch 1
38 Campbell 35
39 Unknown
40 Walker 38
41 Bishop 18
42 Wiatt/Wyatt 4
43 Sullivan 12
44 Manning 18
45 Anderson 50
46 Moses 9
47 Richardson 15
48 Ball 67
49 May 69
50 Phipps 5
51 Davenport 9
52 Strunk 15
53 Pennington 15
54 Davis 80
55 Creekmore 13
56 Swain 8
57 Unknown
58 Ball 67
59 May 69
60 Kidd 9
61 Bagley/Begley 4
62 Stephens 38
63 Hayes/Hays 22