Sunday, October 05, 2008

New pricing at FTDNA for Group DNA tests

New Pricing at FTDNA:

Group discounted prices
Y-DNA 12-marker test $99 + $4 SH

Y-DNA 25-marker test $124 + $4 SH

Y-DNA 37-marker test $149 + $4 SH

Y-DNA 67-marker test $248 + $4 SH

Y-DNA-Refine12to25 (upgrade a 12-marker test to 25-marker test) $49

Y-DNA-Refine12to37 (upgrade a 12-marker test to 37-marker test) $99

Y-DNA-Refine12to67 (upgrade a 12-marker test to 67-marker test) $189

Y-DNA-Refine25to37 (upgrade a 25-marker test to 37-marker test) $49

Y-DNA-Refine25to67 (upgrade a 25-marker test to 67-marker test) $148

Y-DNA-Refine37to67 (upgrade a 37-marker test to 67-marker test) $99

It takes a 68-cent stamp to mail the kit back to the lab.

Please note SH - Shipping & Handling is $6 outside the United States.

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