Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2nd cousin at 23andMe

I have done the autosomal testing at 23andMe. They report results and give you notice of matches in Relative Finder. Apart from my 1st cousin, the closest match I have is with a predicted 2nd Cousin. We have 14 matching segments. The usual definition of a 2nd cousin is some one who shares a Great grandparent with you.

My Great Grandparents are the following couples:
Jesse Perkins and Elizabeth Jane Creekmore;
Andrew J. Walker and Rutha Manning;
Peter Coleman Ball and Frances Jane Strunk;
Thomas J. Swain and Mary E. Kidd.

All are from the Wayne, Whitley and McCreary county area of Kentucky.

If you descend from any of them please contact me with you pedigree. Especially if you have tested at 23andMe, ;^)

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