Tuesday, January 31, 2012

FTDNA now accepting transfer of 23andme v3 Relative Finder results

The following notice appears on the Products page at http://www.ftdna.com/products.aspx :

This option is available for men or women who have Relative Finder results from a third party company that used the Illumina OmniExpress Plus Genotyping BeadChip (this includes tests performed by 23andMe). You may use this option to upload your results to the Family Tree DNA database. This product will provide you with a Family Tree DNA personal page and various features.
ATTENTION: If you are already a Family Tree DNA customer, please log into your personal account to transfer your third party results and avoid creating a duplicate record.
Results file with less than 700,000 SNPs (i.e. 23andMe's V2):
  • Is NOT compatible with our Family Finder product. In order to verify the compatibility, you will have to upload your file into our system. Please read our refund policy here, before you proceed and find your record incompatible.
  • Includes a one-time use coupon code to purchase our Family Finder product for an additional $109 plus shipping.
Results file with more than 900,000 SNPs (i.e. 23andMe's V3):
  • Is compatible with our Family Finder product.
  • Includes matches related within about the last 5 generations and predicted relationship ranges.*
  • Provides percentages of your ancestral make-up (Native-American, Middle Eastern (including Jewish), African, West and East European).
  • Recommended for genealogists.
  • Great for confirming close relationships regardless of gender.
  • Please note, uploaded files are batch processed once a week. You will be notified by e-mail when your file has been processed.
*You will be matched with others who have also taken the Family Finder test. However, if you come from an under-represented population, it is possible that you will not find matches right away. Your matches largely depend on how your DNA compares to our database. As our database is constantly growing, we will send you e-mail notifications about any new matches.
IMPORTANT: Your results from Family Tree DNA compared to another company's results will be similar, however, they WILL NOT be exact. Due to Family Tree DNA's proprietary algorithm your matches, centimorgan totals, and centimorgan length will vary.

23andMe© is a copyrighted trademark of 23andMe, Inc©. Family Tree DNA is not affiliated with 23andMe© in any way.

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coeunice12@23andme discount code 2013 said...

I am from a foreign country; do they have any offers for foreigners or outside the U.S?
Well good news for me… It doesn’t matter how long I would wait for the results as long as it’s accurate, I’m on it...