Sunday, April 01, 2012

New 5th cousin once removed found through FTDNA's Family Finder

Today I looked at my matches on FTDNA's Family Finder autosomal database using the All Matches link to see that I had 293 matches.  This was 5 more since last week.  Using the Matches In Common I scrolled through the people linked to my confirmed cousins and saw a new one with an ancestor chart.  I clicked on the chart link and opened it to 9 generations from the default 4 generations.  I saw a name that vaguely rang a bell, Hiram Farris Walker of Lafayette County, Missouri.

I opened my Legacy Family Tree database and found Hiram as a son of Samuel Wilcoxon Walker, a brother of my ancestor Jesse Walker, and a son of Renelder Walker and Mary Wilcoxon. I confirmed the name of Hiram's wife and then checked Census records to confirm the pedigree.  After that I contacted the submitter and we have confirmed the relationship.  This information adds a relationship to the Boone family to the submitter's line.

We have 6 links in the following chromosomes with the assumption being the large link on chromosome 12 comes either from Renelder Walker, or from his wife, Mary Wilcoxon:

1 25060651 27093108 2.08 500
1 70824243 73827828 1.17 600
3 123242334 125016973 2.15 500
5 129643803 132242229 2.39 500
12 82230023 85588625 2.09 500
12 107280282 124270507 27.31 4550

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