Thursday, October 28, 2010

New 23andMe Relative Finder match connection identified

Last night I was able to identify the possible pedigree connection between my self and a predicted 5th cousin. She and I are actually 6th cousins, once removed. The connection is in my maternal line but her paternal line with William Kidd and his unknown wife. We have a match on chromosome 17.

I have a 3rd cousin, once removed, who matches me at 4 locations. We share four GG Grandparents, Jesse D. Swain and Mary Elizabeth Ball, and John Kidd and Maliza Stephens. None of our matches are on chromosome 17. She and her daughter have matches on chromosome 6 with my female multi-1st cousin which I do not have, and I have matches with her and her daughter on the X which my female multi-1st cousin does not have.

So the question still remains whether the first match on chromosome 17 is from William Kidd or from his unknown wife. I'm tending toward the unknown wife.

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