Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Journal of Genetic Genealogy has posted issue 3, Spring 2006

2006 Y Haplogroup tree from ISOGG

The ISOGG has posted a re-worked 2006 Y Haplogroup Tree at This tree continues the work previously done by the Y Haplogroup Consortium. and Family Tree DNA.

A presentation on Anglo-Saxon migration

The link above will take you to a site where a 12.5 minute presentation will discuss evidence for an Anglo-Saxon mass migration to Britain within the past 2,500 years. You will need sound capability to hear the narration.

The original paper can be read here:

Friday, April 14, 2006

Chief Blue Jacket is not a Swearingen

A new scientific study has shown that Chief Blue Jacket is not a member of the Swearingen family. Y DNA tests on his descendants and on Swearingen descendants show that he is a Native American and not a European as had been believed.

The paper reporting on the tests wll be presented at an upcoming meeting of the Ohio Academy of Science.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

MSNBC page on Genetic Genealogy

MSNBC has a web page on Genetic Genealogy at this address: Several of the NBC journalists have participated in DNA testing. The page has regular updates on Genetic Genealogy stories.

Ethnic Origins DNA Testing Company Comparison

The ISOGG, has a web page with a chart comparing companies which purport to identify your ethnic origin using Y chromosome (Y DNA), mitochodrial (mtDNA), or autosomal (atDNA) DNA.