Monday, September 05, 2011

X Chromosome matches from 23andme

This chart is of my X Chromosome matches from Relative Finder and Ancestry Finder at 23andMe. The length of the line corresponds to the length of the match on the X chromosome. Because I am a male, I got one X chromosome from my mother.  She got an amalgam of the X chromosomes from her father and mother. I can only verify my relationship to three of the people on this chart.

SKD is my multiple 1st cousin and the relationship is through our mothers, who were sisters.  My 1st cousin and I share 6 of 8 great grandparents. We match at two locations on the X: 1-12, and 91-140.

LB and CF are 3rd cousins 1 remove and 2 removes, a mother and daughter. My 1st cousin and I share 4 of 16 GGreat grandparents with them, Swain, Ball, Kidd, and Stephens.  However, my 1st cousin does not match them or me at these locations on the X chromosome, but does match them on other chromosomes as I also do.

With HP, the link may be through the Hays/Hayes family of Overton and Fentress Co., Tennessee. HPs X line is from the same area. The mother of Maliza Stephens was Susan Hayes, and she and her husband, Zorababel Stephens, lived in Overton/Fentress Co., TN. This would subsume the links to LB and CF.

With three others, GA, JO, and CO, a mother and two of her sons, the relationship is unknown. My 1st cousin does share this match with them. We thought the relationship was on the Strunk/Strunck line, but that is not a direct line for them.

It is important to remember that a different cutoff is used for calling a match on the X chromosome between males, a male and a female, and between females:

Males: 200 SNPs, 1cM;
Male to Female: 600 SNPs, 6cM;
Female to Female: 1200 SNPs, 6cM.

This probably explains some match I have with females which do not show as a match for my female 1st cousin.

I am hoping to get some more 1st cousin matches to help to isolate matches to particular lines.

Here is a link to my pedigree charts:
Steven C Perkins 13 Generation Pedigree Charts