Monday, May 30, 2011

Analysing 23andMe Relative Finder results: Always take a second look.

See corrected text below: NOT my Father's mtDNA haplotype.

Several months ago I got a a 22cM 23andMe Relative Finder match with A. Her surname was one in my paternal grandmother's ancestry. She was a predicted 4th cousin with a range of 3rd to 7th. We compared ancestry charts and determined we shared two lines on her Father's side. We were both half 5th cousins once removed and half 6th cousins on that surname. I was descended from a husband and one wife and she was descended from the other wife on two lines.

This week I noticed her father's results had arrived and I did not have a match with him. Since a 22cM match seemed too large to be Identical by State and/or fit into those situations where one has a match with a child but not a parent, I looked at the link to her updated Ancestry tree and found that she and I had a 5th cousin relationship on her Mother's side also through my paternal grandmother.

In this case she was a direct female line descendant of my Father's direct female line ancestor, so her mtDNA was the same as my paternal grandmother and my Father. This filled in one of my missing mtDNA haplogroups and indicated that the first relationships found probably were not the ones that passed on the genetic match.

We do share some other surnames but can't find a relationship yet on those other lines. Even if there are relationships on the other lines they would be further back than the closest one we now have.

Please let me know of any problems with my analysis.