Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

AncestryDNA new features: New Ancestor Discoveries and DNA Circles

Ancestry has a new feature called "New Ancestor Discoveries (NAD)". This is a misnomer since the NAD can be an ancestor or a relative. 

I have one NAD, with the surname of Walker, who married a James Ball. I have James as a 1st cousin 4 times removed and the NAD is listed in my program as his wife but without parents. I'll build this out to see if she and I are related. What I have found is her Walker family was in VA/WVa while mine are from MD to NC to TN and KY.

Earlier Ancestry rolled out DNA Circles consisting of people with DNA connections leading back to the same ancestor or couple. Not everyone in a Circle will have a DNA connection to each other but everyone will connect to someone else in the Circle. I have 24 circles, 5 for GGGps, 10 for GGGGPs, and 9 for GGGGGPs, with the earliest born in 1743; 291 green hints; 502 4th cousins or closer; and 179 pages of matches.

What I would like to do, is to confirm the maiden names and parents of some of my 16 GGGGmothers in Whitley and Pike Co.s, KY; Campbell and Fentress Co.s TN: 

Nancy Ann was wife of Jabez Perkins according to a deed and to the recorded renunciation of his will. Often named as a Creekmore or a White; 

Elizabeth S. was the wife of William Campbell according to the census; 

Who were the parents of Abigail Pennington named as the "consort" of Abraham Strunk in the 1826 divorce of Lucy Strunk and Abraham Strunk. Some call her Abigail Daugherty. Some think she was a sister or daughter of Wells Pennington. Abraham Strunk and Wells Pennington came to Whitley Co., KY together from Ashe Co., NC; 

What is the maiden name of Isabell/a "Nancy", wife of John D. Swain?; 

Who are the parents of Margaret Bagley or Begley, wife of Elias Kidd, married in Tazewell Co., VA?; 

and who are the parents of Susan Hayes, wife of Zorababel Stephens?. So far, none of them have Circles although two of the husbands do. 

In the GGGGGmothers, who are the parents of Elizabeth King, wife of James Harvey May, aka as "Emanuel Mills", in Records of Trials in the Old Bailey; James Harvey May is my most recent know European immigrant ancestor, coming to America from Middlesex Gaol in 1771 on the prisoner ship Justitia. James Harvey May has a Circle.

And I'll repeat myself, AncestryDNA needs a Chromosome Browser!