Saturday, November 30, 2013

Opinion piece from George Church (Personal Genome Project, Harvard) on "Improving genome understanding".


Improving genome understanding

The cost and accuracy of genome sequencing have improved dramatically. George Church asks why so few people are opting to inspect their genome.

09 October 2013 Corrected: 09 October 2013

Readers of Nature, we can assume, are bright and insatiably curious. So why have so few obtained and interpreted their own genome sequence? We should avoid being judgemental of people who practise genomic modesty or who choose not to act on genome information, but we should also ask if we are providing adequate and equal access to education about the benefits and risks of genome information.


Monday, November 25, 2013

FDA give 23andme 15 days to get into compliance or present a plan to do s

Today's big news is the FDA warning letter to 23andme giving them 15 days to either get into compliance or present a plan for compliance or cease selling the 23andme test as a "medical device" under (b)(4) of the regulations. See this link for the letter:
Warning Letter.

Earlier letters can be found by searching the site at this link:

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Big Y DNA test announced by FTDNA

FTDNA's David Mittelman has announced the Big Y DNA test at the FTDNA Surname Administrators Conference. The test will return results on 10,000,000 base-pairs and approximately 25,000 SNPs on the Y chromosome. It is being offered to current customers for $495, a $200 discount price for a limited time. Log into you FTDNA home page to see the offer.