Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Matches at and at

My matches at 23andMe:
Relative Finder: 753
New in the last 7 days (19)
New in the last 30 days (78)
Sharing Genomes (198)
Public Matches (59)
Contact Sent (478)
Inbound Contact (0)
Contact Accepted (179)
Contact Declined (28)
Matches to Contact (25)
Introduction Canceled (0)

Family Finder:
Affymetrix: 122
Illumina: 56

At 23andMe I have a known 1st cousin, a predicted 2nd cousin who has not responded to emails, and then several confirmed 3rd cousins, 6th cousins and 10th cousins.

At FTDNA I have no higher than predicted 3rd cousin matches and the highest confirmed match is with a 4th cousin.