Monday, May 26, 2014

Expanded DNA testing for American GIs MIA and KIA: Opportunities to identify war dead abound as DOD overhauls troubled recovery efforts

From Stars and Stripes:

By Travis J. Tritten
Stars and Stripes
Published: May 25, 2014

More than 83,000 servicemembers are still listed as missing from War World II, the Korean War, Vietnam, Iraq and other conflicts, according to the Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office.

Advances in DNA analysis, the use of global positioning software and aerial drones, and clues gleaned over decades from historical records are already pointing the way toward closure for scores of those servicemembers, speakers at the POW-MIA Awareness Conference said.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

FTDNA's revamped Population Finder is now myOrigins

If you have taken the Family Finder test at FTDNA, one of your result sets has been Population Finder. This has been renamed myOrigins. It is found as a link on your Personal Page (MyFTDNA) at FTDNA. I looked at my FTDNA myOrigins results and they are in line with what I have at 23andMe and at AncestryDNA.

So now all three show:

The British Isles;
France and the Low Countries;
Portugal and Spain over to Greece and the western Balkans.

Missing is Finnish and Yakut.

I believe Finnish should be there since I'm 90% sure of my Finnish ancestor in New Sweden. The Yakut, maybe not, though it could be Native American.

In 23andMe Counties of Ancestry I match people with all grandparents from Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Armenia, as well as the more western European countries.

For me, myOrigins seems to work.

First and Third Cousin matches at 23andMe

Here is a chart of where my three 1st cousins and I match genetically:

On average 1st cousins are expected to match at 12.5% of their genome. In order of these matches the percentages are 17.9; 15.9; and 12.5. The first line of matches (green)is from a 1st cousin who is related to me on both the paternal and maternal sides of our families. We shared 6 of 8 Great Grandparents. Our mothers were sisters and our fathers were 1st cousins. The blue line is from a 1st cousin where her father and my mother were siblings. The same is true for the purple line but her father was a different brother of my mother. There is no known paternal relationship in the latter two cases. I am waiting for results from one 1st cousin and a 2nd cousin on my father's maternal line (Walker and Manning). I would also like to test a second cousin on my mother's maternal line (Swain and Kidd).

Here is a chart of matches to my two 3rd cousins and three 3rd cousins once removed: