Tuesday, May 06, 2014

First and Third Cousin matches at 23andMe

Here is a chart of where my three 1st cousins and I match genetically:

On average 1st cousins are expected to match at 12.5% of their genome. In order of these matches the percentages are 17.9; 15.9; and 12.5. The first line of matches (green)is from a 1st cousin who is related to me on both the paternal and maternal sides of our families. We shared 6 of 8 Great Grandparents. Our mothers were sisters and our fathers were 1st cousins. The blue line is from a 1st cousin where her father and my mother were siblings. The same is true for the purple line but her father was a different brother of my mother. There is no known paternal relationship in the latter two cases. I am waiting for results from one 1st cousin and a 2nd cousin on my father's maternal line (Walker and Manning). I would also like to test a second cousin on my mother's maternal line (Swain and Kidd).

Here is a chart of matches to my two 3rd cousins and three 3rd cousins once removed:

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