Friday, April 25, 2014

New 2014 Y DNA SNP tree from FTDNA and National Genographic

Today, FTDNA released the new 2014 Y DNA SNP tree based on results from the GENO 2.0 SNP tests from the National Genographic Project. This has changed most SNP tested individuals' designations on their FTDNA Personal Page. It will also be propagated to the SNP designations on the surname, geographic, and haplogroup pages.

At the same time FTDNA is giving a list of SNPs that are recommended for testing by each individual. CAVEAT: If you tested negative for a SNP in GENO 2.0, check for the SNP in your GENO 2.0 results before ordering it from FTDNA. FTDNA did not include the negative SNPs in their result for you so they may be in the Recommended SNP list even though you have already tested those SNPs.

Before testing contact your Y DNA Haplogroup Administrator for guidance. For more details see, The new 2014 Y DNA haplotree has arrived by my genetic cousin, Debbie Kennett.

A webinar on the Family Tree DNA Feature Launch: Y-DNA Haplotree Update was held today and is expected be available from the FTDNA Learning Center within the next 24 to 48 hours.

There is a Sale on the 37 marker Y DNA test See this post by Debbie Kennett for more information.

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