Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10th Annual FTDNA Conference for DNA Project Administrators

The 10th Annual FTDNA Conference for DNA Project Administrators was held last weekend, 10-12 October 2014. I was unable to attend this year.

Two main announcements were

1) the reduction in the cost to transfer 23andme version 3 autosomal dna results and AncestryDNA autosomal results to FTDNA for matching purposes to $39.00 fro $69.00. In addition, a free transfer can be made which will allow one to see their 20 top matches at FTDNA before deciding to either pay the $39,00 to unock all FTDNA matches, or recruit 4 more persons to transfer their results so your matches are shown to you without cost. Details are expected to be on the FTDNA web site this week.

2) The Deep Clade 2.0 test will be developed with the haplogroup admins to allow a quicker determination of the location of a person within the Y DNA haplogroup tree. In the past year over 10,000 SNPs were added to the ISOGG Y Haplogroup tree. This test will be a less expensive route than the Big Y test.

Details of the Conference are on the blogs of Jennifer Zink, Ancestor Central and Roberta Estes, DNA Explained. I am sure more people will be posting this week.