Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Genetic Genealogy DNA test sales: FTDNA; 23andMe; AncestryDNA; MyHeritage

The largest USA based DNA testing companies have Holiday sales going on at this time:

Family Tree DNA:
• Family Finder $59, usually $89
• Y-DNA $129, usually $169
• mt-DNA $169, usually $199
• Big Y $475 (includes Y-DNA test for 111 markers)

If you have already tested at FTDNA you will be receiving Discount Coupons that can further reduce these sale prices.

23andMe is charging $49.00 if you buy 2 Ancestry Service kits. The normal cost of the Ancestry Service is $99.00.


AncestryDNA costs $79.00, a $20 discount from their regular price of $99.00. Rumor is that Ancestry will have a Black Friday price of $49.00.


This weekend, 24 Nov-27 Nov, MyHeritage is offering their normally priced $99.00 DNA test for $49.00 with free shipping for 3 or more kits.

Check all of the companies on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for possible lower costs.