Thursday, April 19, 2012

DNA day Upgrade sale at FTDNA: One day only!

From FTDNA for Current Group members (Join a surname group to get the discount price):

Well if you haven’t heard it’s again DNA day tomorrow and Family Tree DNA felt that was good enough for us to have a short two day sale. 

Nearly the entire offering will be on sale these two days, including upgrades that were not on last year's sale.  The sale will begin at 6PM Thursday April 19th and will conclude at 11:59PM on Saturday April 21st.
There will be no need for a coupon - all prices will be automatically adjusted on the website.
We hope that this will give a big boost to your projects!
New Kits
  Current Group Price SALE PRICE
Y-DNA 12 $99 $59
mtDNA $99 $59
Y-DNA 37 $149 $129
Y-DNA 67 $238 $199
Family Finder $289 $199
mtFullSequence (FMS) $299 $249
Y-DNA 12 + mtDNA $179 $118
FF + Y-DNA 12 $339 $258
FF + mtDNA $339 $258
FF+ Y-DNA 37 $438 $328
FF + mtDNAPlus $438 $328
Comprehensive (FF + FMS + Y-DNA 67) $797 $657
Y-DNA 12 $89 $59
mtDNA add-on $89 $59
Y-DNA 12-37 Marker $99 $69
Y-DNA 37-67 Marker $99 $79
Y-DNA 12-67 Marker $199 $148
mtFullSequence upgrade (HVR1 to Mega) $269 $199
mtFullSequence upgrade (HVR2 to Mega) $269 $199
mtFullSequence add-on $289 $219
Family Finder add-on $289 $199
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You are welcome to blog about this, report this to your group members, or send an email to your distribution list, but when it’s over, it’s over.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.
Best regards,

Bennett Greenspan
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

New 5th cousin once removed found through FTDNA's Family Finder

Today I looked at my matches on FTDNA's Family Finder autosomal database using the All Matches link to see that I had 293 matches.  This was 5 more since last week.  Using the Matches In Common I scrolled through the people linked to my confirmed cousins and saw a new one with an ancestor chart.  I clicked on the chart link and opened it to 9 generations from the default 4 generations.  I saw a name that vaguely rang a bell, Hiram Farris Walker of Lafayette County, Missouri.

I opened my Legacy Family Tree database and found Hiram as a son of Samuel Wilcoxon Walker, a brother of my ancestor Jesse Walker, and a son of Renelder Walker and Mary Wilcoxon. I confirmed the name of Hiram's wife and then checked Census records to confirm the pedigree.  After that I contacted the submitter and we have confirmed the relationship.  This information adds a relationship to the Boone family to the submitter's line.

We have 6 links in the following chromosomes with the assumption being the large link on chromosome 12 comes either from Renelder Walker, or from his wife, Mary Wilcoxon:

1 25060651 27093108 2.08 500
1 70824243 73827828 1.17 600
3 123242334 125016973 2.15 500
5 129643803 132242229 2.39 500
12 82230023 85588625 2.09 500
12 107280282 124270507 27.31 4550