Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do you have Y DNA results at Family Tree DNA? Download them now.

A recent message at FTDNA:
Important Message From Family Tree DNA!
We are planning an upgrade of all Y-DNA STR (short tandem repeat) related functions. The upgrade will include changes to how STR micro-alleles and palindromic STRs are displayed. It will also change the matching algorithm to utilize an improved calculation for micro-allele and palindromic STR mutations. The result will be more accurate matches and time to a common ancestor calculations. We will provide additional information before the changes are implemented.
For your convenience, we suggest that you download your Y-DNA Results and Y-DNA matches for historical purposes.


Tom said...

I read the Family Tree DNA to know more about this Y DNA. This website is really helping me. By doing DNA testing, I solve the uncertainty problem with my past.

Anthony said...

It's great to find out our family tree from dna. It can reveal our deep ancestral ethnic origins. So that, good luck for those who doing this process of dna, hopefully they get good results.