Wednesday, September 04, 2013

A chart of my close genetic relations at 23andme

Here is a chart using My Results-Ancestry Tools-Family Inheritance: Advanced from 23andme. This displays the places on my chromosomes where my two 1st cousins and a 3rd cousin match me. Note that there are significant parts of the chromosomes with no match.

First cousins should share 12.5% and a third cousin should share 3.125% of their genomes. I share 17.9%, 15.9%, and 3.05% respectively. I am related on both my paternal and maternal lines with the first 1st cousin and the 3rd cousin. The second 1st cousin is related only through my maternal line.


Anonymous said...

Matches who match you and a cousin on the same segment form a Triangulated Group. But with double cousins you won't be able to assign the seems without other info. Jim Bartlett

Kitty Cooper said...

I notice some similarities to my first cousin picture here: