Sunday, November 06, 2016

LivingDNA sample sent back today.

I ordered a LivingDNA (1) test on September 27th and received it within two weeks. I only got around to taking the cheek cell samples today.

This test is for people with ancestry predominately from the British Isles, excepting Eire. The company is trying to get samples from Eire that can be used to make the test interpretation more accurate. The Interpretation should coordinate with the results of the People of the British Isles dna project (2)(3).

The test kit comes in a 9.5 inch by 5.5 inch cardboard box. It consists of an instruction book, two swab kits, a specimen bag, and the return envelope.

If you have taken a Y DNA test from FTDNA you will be used to the cheek swab kit used in this test. After doing the swabs, there are two samples to take, you place the swabs back into their original containers, no solution needed, attached the sample kit ID tags, place them in the specimen bag and then put that into the postage pre-paid plastic envelope and mail it back.

For my kit the specimen is being mailed back to Louisville, Kentucky. I don't know if that is the only collection point in the USA.

Once I have results I'll post them here and on my genealogy blog.


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